We are now in November, and according to some accounts, nearing the 2nd wave of covid-19. It has been ten months and ten days since my last post. It is not like I have forgotten about my small commitment to my small blog, but I have been preoccupied with being an essential employee in my day job because let us be honest for a minute, being a full-time photographer does not pay the bills unless you hustle and work non stop. The hustle aspect is for another story, for another day. Let’s continue.

As all you all may be aware, it is a worldwide crisis and as many have experienced, many parts of the day to day things we used to do have either been closed due to covid or have drastically changed. One of such things that were closed for a while were face to face photography. As photographers are not seen as essential, a lot of the photography businesses that I know had to shut down as their current client base were also shut down, they could not make money doing what they like to do, take photos.

I for one was deemed non-essential and as I do weddings and special events, I had a lot of cancellations and a couple of reschedules for next year. Senior portraits for the class of 2020 were very limited and the class of 2021 is non-existent due to high schools remaining closed to in-person learning and a lot of parents still do not want to chance to expose their kids to the outdoor elements.

Covid has been a blessing in disguise, since I am not doing senior portraits or special events, I have been getting back to doing landscapes and other types of photography that I started doing when I decided do begin my venture into photography in 2005.

Hopefully, we can get back on track, I do feel that it may be a couple of years before people are comfortable taking photos outside without a mask on.

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